Tiga Pilar Media : Who We Are

Birth out of the desire to help both local businesses and national brands reach broader audiences every day

Tiga Pilar Media is one of the fastest-growing Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising companies in Indonesia. We take pride in creating powerful, engaging brand experiences, across the Indonesia markets, for various advertising campaign needs. We leverage our wealth of industry experience and know-how coupled with our addiction to perfection in getting great things done for your business. Tiga Pilar Media specializes in suplying billboards and other OOH advertising. We assist our clients in finding the best spot for billboards and other OOH advertising in big cities in Indonesia, such as in Jakarta, Makassar, Bali, etc. Our top-notch customer service, landmark units, and amazing locations set us apart from our peers in the industry.

With a focus on delivering branding initiatives with a view to gaining continuous market share coupled with investing in compelling locations underpinned by excellent customer service, Tiga Pilar Media keeps growing a strong client base. We rapidly built up competence in deploying innovative Out-of-Home infrastructure which stands out from mundane traditional media. Our tried-and-true business processes, red carpet treatment, and excellent communication place us at the forefront of the industry. At Tiga Pilar Media, our priority is to ensure that your message is seen and remembered in the marketplaces you need to reach.

Our Vision

To be a leading, ethically oriented firm creating opportunities for brands to connect with their target audiences in new and exciting ways.

Our Mission

To offer innovative solutions and delivers superior values to clients. To provide personalized services with the goal of delivering the most reach.

Our Solutions


Billboard Ads

Get more viewers by placing your ad on a large board in the middle of the big cities in Indonesia.


Building Ads

The higher and bigger your ad becomes one of the big benchmarks for people who see your promotion.


Public Area Ads

Public Area Advertising is very effective for introducing yourself to everyone regardless of caste.

Vehicle Ads

Promote ads easily and cheaply just by pasting them into various forms of vehicle.

Airport Ads

Airport ads is a solution for you to promote advertising to all people from different regions.