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How much do billboards cost?

We have an option. Billboards are priced according to size, location and length of agreement. We offer competitive prices based on your needs. Please contact us to learn more.

How do I rent a billboard?

First, we work with you to find the site and complete the advertising agreement. Next, we help create designs that achieve your campaign goals. With your agreement, we make a colorful vinyl display and install it. If you have your own material, you can just send it to us for installation.

Do you offer special discounts or prices?

Yes, we offer several opportunities for customers to receive discounts. Our special prices run all the time of the year. Please Contact Us to learn what we can offer you!

Can the billboards you offer be lit?

Yes, we have high output lighting available on all our signs that promote day and night lighting. A flashing billboard ensures your message is always on, always on target.

Will you help me design my billboard?

We have our own design studio so we can help your artwork and design needs whatever you are looking for. We always try to tell you about the appearance of your ad whether you use our services or not because we want you to get maximum exposure from your order. We have years of experience designing great ads, so talk to us about how you can really make an impact.

What is the average length of a campaign?

The average length of a campaign is 4-8 weeks because this is how long the poster will last while still looking good. You can advertise longer, of course, but we recommend that you include some poster changes. If you have a long-term campaign there are other materials we can use to print your ad such as banners or Correx. Our sales team will always provide advice on the most cost-effective material for your campaign.

Why do I have to commit to a long-term program?

Simply put, we can offer the best prices and we believe this offers the best exposure for your brand, item, or event. In many cases, your audience is connected to you and your ad after you have been there for a while, we always recommend that you make changes to your ad to keep it fresh and your audience engaged. Once again we will take the time to work it out with you to make sure you get the most cost-effective program, and that your ads continue to be noticed.

Can I pick a specific billboard to be on?

Yes, you can, what we need to know is your preferred city or location. We will prepare the best spots for you to chose. Once you have spotted your favorite billboards, please let us know, then we can check further if they are available on the date you want to advertise.

Where do you have a board?

We can provide you with board in major cities in Indonesia. If there is a particular city or location that you want, do let us know, we have partners who can work together to help you to get the best location.

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